People earn money through affiliate marketing in different ways and currently there are a number of affiliate marketers in the market. The one thing that all affiliates have in common is online presence.

 Here are some types of these affiliates that you can decide to work with so that you can chose the one that works best for you:

  1. Content publishers (Easy to setup, good income): These affiliates rely on content-saturated websites, self-authored like blogs or user-generated content like forums, and they monetize them via affiliate links, banners, widgets, text links, products links, and so on. For example, a niche content website about photography, which monetizes through affiliate links, among other things. Within the website you may find a blog post on popular digital cameras and gear, every camera brand is linked through an affiliate link, which will lead you to a store. Should a sale happens, the website's owner will get the affiliate commission.
  2. Coupons and deals (Easy to setup, good income): These affiliates play on the human psychology of trying to find a product at a discounted price if possible. For example, a directory website that sort coupons by expiry dates, sales, free shipping, freebies, or by the store name. Shoppers over the internet will frequently visit this website before purchasing any product to look for the best deal and if they end up clicking on an affiliate link to activate the deal, the coupons website's owner will get the affiliate commission.
  3. Comparison shopping engines (Hard to setup, huge income): A whole segment of affiliate focuses on merchant’s product feeds. They work with them, putting together useful websites that allow you to search for any product. Let's use engagement rings for an example. It pulls up engagement rings from the stores with which it works through its affiliate programs, the results will usually be sorted by price, All of these would be linked through affiliate links and if the visitor clicks on one of them, the owner of the comparison shopping engine will get the affiliate commission.
  4. Display ads (Easy to setup, basic income): This includes all types of websites or mobile apps that has space for banners! They would promote advertisers, placing affiliate linked banners instead of their regular display ads in rotation. This would also include retargeting.
  5. Email affiliates (Easy to setup, basic income): These would be affiliates that market via email, it is not very common nowadays but people who already send emails to huge number of registered readers may include affiliate links in the newsletter for example and usually get a decent conversion rate.
  6. Loyalty and incentives affiliates (Very hard to setup, mega income): These affiliates would facilitate the desired end user action by offering them an incentive, say, cash back, points or virtual currency. In essence, they will reshare a part of their payout, that is, the payment received from the merchant. They usually describe their process as a three-step process where you create an account, then you shop through one of the links they provide, and get credited for purchases,, so you get the listed cash-back rate.
  7. Search engine marketing (Easy to setup, good income): are affiliates that employ search engine marketing, be it search engine optimization, or pay per click marketing, or both. They employ SEM to drive conversions to advertisers. A good example is when an affiliate of this type funds and manages a "paid search engine PPC marketing campaign" from his own pocket to promote products for other merchants and gets paid by those merchants only for the sales and leads that are generated.
  8. Social media affiliates (Easy to setup, good income): These affiliates would use social media to the merchants’ products or brand on your social channel. This type of affiliation is very common and has high conversion rates especially when used by social media influencers to promote the products or services they like.
  9. Video affiliates (Easy to setup, good income): These would be affiliates that focus on video creatives, which are known to yield 29% higher dwell rate and 45% higher conversion rate. A good example is where a publisher creates a video that reviews or just mentions a certain product and get paid a commission for the traffic that is generated from his video to the product page.

There's a lot of room for synergies as well, so you can use one or more of the methods that are relevant to your situation.

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